The Mommy Myth

“In a book crackling with humor and sarcasm, the authors…point out a growing obsession with this idealized, and guilt-inducing, version of motherhood that women can’t achieve.” Chicago Tribune

I have one word for The Mommy Myth: FINALLY! With humor, wit and solid information, Douglas and Michaels take on the sentimentalized, privatized moralism of contemporary motherhood and show how it harms both women and children.  Katha Pollitt author of Subject to Debate: Sense and Dissents on Women, Politics, and Culture

“An absolutely fascinating exposé…this eye-opening report contains a wealth of valuable insight into the never-ending, and ultimately self-defeating, quest for the maternal perfection glorified by contemporary American society.” — Booklist

“In sharp, funny, fed-up prose…The Mommy Myth takes such a cathartic bite out of the celebrity-mom mystique, you can save that backup carton of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch for a different emergency.” — The San Diego Union-Tribune

“A full-on feminist attack on the way the media portrays mothers, done in a manner reminiscent of Susan Faludi’s Backlash…The Mommy Myth provides a sprightly and thought-provoking tour through the last thirty years of feminist attitudes toward motherhood.” — The Washington Post

“The Mommy Myth” is a fun read and a smart one, too…Witty, engaging, and backed by a lot of research,” — The Nation

“This is a book for mothers who can admit that they yell sometimes, feed their children processed food, and occasionally get bored playing Barbie camp-out under the dining room table…It’s a book for mothers who would be okay with being imperfect, if only the rest of the world would stop pointing out their shortcomings.” — The Washington Post

“The chapter ‘Attack of the Celebrity Moms’ is alone worth the price of the book for its dead-on analysis of the ways stars and the people who write about them constantly harp on the pleasures of family life.” — The Baltimore Sun

“Lively and irreverent, The Mommy Myth…pokes fun at airbrushed profiles of celebrity moms and pokes holes in the media panics about child safety, including a fascinating demolition of the ;epidemic’ of cracks babies, an alarmist falsehood from start to finish.” — The American Prospect

“Fascinating, funny, smart, scary, and long overdue, The Mommy Myth debunks the next big myth that’s gotta come down: that of the Perfect Mother. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT SKIP THIS BOOK.” — Cathi Hanauer, editor of Bitch in the House and author of My Sister’s Bones

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