Cover.Norton jpegIn Our Prime (Forthcoming March 2020)

Susan Douglas’s hilarious and deeply intelligent book chronicles how older women are rejecting sexist ageism. Required reading for those of us who are 50 or older —and everyone who (with any luck) someday will be. An informative and sharp call to arms, In Our Prime just may help bring the revolution we all need. — Liza Featherstone, Author of Divining Desire

Celebrity cover.FinalCelebrity

“There is no more perfect timing for this brilliant examination of celebrity as the primary currency of public life than in the era of a reality show president.”  –– Jeffrey P. Jones, Executive Director, Peabody Awards

enlightened sexism.wordpressEnlightened Sexism

A must-read: Whip-smart, witty, and scathingly insightful. Susan Douglas has penned a brilliant — and often funny — critique of the myths about equality, ambition, and femininity that are currently being served up as ‘reality’ in our media-crazed culture. ” Susan Jane Gilman, bestselling author of Kiss My Tiara, Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress, and Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven.

The Mommy Mythmommy myth.wordpress

“In a book crackling with humor and sarcasm, the authors…point out a growing obsession with this idealized, and guilt-inducing, version of motherhood that women can’t achieve.” Chicago Tribune

Where the Girls AreWTGA2.image

“Terrific…amazing…Where the Girls Are may be the funniest, most original, most brilliant piece of academic writing I’ve ever read.” The Washington Post

listening in wordpressListening In

“Flat out terrific … just the right balance of history, scholarship, media theory, and great storytelling. Susan J. Douglas makes reading about radio as much fun as listening to it. Turn up the volume on this one!”Pete Fornatale, New York Radio personality and co-author of “Radio in the Television Age

Inventing coverInventing American Broadcasting

“A superb portrait of the communications revolution that profoundly altered 20th-century life.” –– Kenneth Bilby, Washington Post Book World