Listening In

“Flat out terrific … just the right balance of history, scholarship, media theory, and great storytelling. Susan J. Douglas makes reading about radio as much fun as listening to it. Turn up the volume on this one!” — Pete Fornatale, New York Radio personality and co-author of “Radio in the Television Age

“A brilliant analysis of the pervasive medium’s influence upon our hearts and minds. This is the best book about radio that I’ve read in years.” — Michael Harrison, editor, Talkers magazine

“Once again, Susan Douglas has put her arm around a daunting subject and brought it back to us alive. Vibrant and Compelling.”  Ken Burns, author of The Civil War and Baseball: An Illustrated History

“A superb work detailing not only how Americans became entranced with radio, but why. A lively, sympathetic book certain to inform and challenge readers all across the spectrum.” — Jim Ledbetter, author of Made Possible By: The Death of Public Broadcasting in the United States

“A thoughtful and affectionate look back at how radio shaped and strengthened our past, and an insightful look forward to how, in spite of rank commercialism, radio still offers an alternative form of bootstrap expression in a TV-dominated age.” — Susan Faludi, author of Backlash

“No history of America in the twentieth century is complete without the story of radio; and no history of radio is complete without Susan Douglas’s stunning book, Listening In. This is a book for anyone who listens to the radio—all of us.” — Tom Lewis, author of Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio

“A pioneering, witty, remarkably insightful study of the role radio has played in our history, our culture, and our lives.” — Lawrence W. Levine, author of The Opening of the American Mind

“Douglas’s wonderful book offers a sophisticated history of radio listening.” — Journal of American History

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