“There is no more perfect timing for this brilliant examination of celebrity as the primary currency of public life than in the era of a reality show president.”  Jeffrey P. Jones, Executive Director, Peabody Awards

“From Alexander the Great to Donald Trump, from Clara Bow to Kim Kardashian, fame has been an odd mix of products, personalities, pleasures, and politics.  Carefully attuned to the impact of technologies and media, and to the interplay between celebrity industries and their audiences, Celebrity offers a detailed history of fame that is smart, rich, complex, current, and fun.”  Joshua Gamson, author of Claims to Fame:  Celebrity in Contemporary Society

An indispensable resource for understanding the deep connections between celebrities, the media, the public, and the celebrity production industry.  Douglas and McDonnell offer an expert guide to the current moment of heightened media visibility and celebrity accessibility, reminding us of the crucial history of celebrity and fame.”  Sarah Banet-Weiser, author of Empowered:  Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny

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